Herzegovina tour II

For all the natural oases lovers, this tour offers sightseeing, swimming, and adventurous activities.

Kravice waterfalls, Pec Mlini park, and Ravlica cave are natural and archeological jewels of Herzegovina.

The summer months in Herzegovina bring with them tropical temperatures of up to 40″C. We will take you on the road to Kravice waterfalls and a sightseeing tour by car to the hill Hum – the big cross hill above Mostars valley with a unique view of the city and the far river flow of Neretva, cool down in the shades of the riverbank Trebižat, relax, take a swim or dive from the cliffs of the 10 meters high waterfall. Let the waterfall clear your body and mind.

Park “Peć Mlini” is located in the municipality of Grude at the source of the river sinkhole Tihaljina. Park “Peć Mlini” is not an ordinary park – it is an adventure and adrenaline park named after the eponymous hamlet of Drinovci. If you are one of those who love an active and adrenaline-fueled holiday – you will be able to experience the longest zipline in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Via Ferrata, and sport climbing on the rocks of the surrounding rocks. 

According to historical knowledge, the wider area of ​​Peć Mlini has been inhabited since ancient times – prehistory, the Roman period, late antiquity, and the Middle Ages until our time. The adventure park was renovated and officially opened in September 2019. The project for the construction and arrangement of the Peć Mlini Adventure Park was financed in part by the European Union.

Herzegovina tour II

– Kravice Waterfalls
– Peć Mlini Adventure Park 

*depart from Mostar, duration 7 h

DepartFrom Mostar
Duration7 h