Kravice Waterfall

The entire area is protected by the state government, but it is open for visits, picnics, camping, and even swimming.

Except for the breathtaking view, this is a place where you can also swim, relax with a cold drink and have a good meal. There is also the old mill and a sailing ship to complete the experience.

The summer months in Herzegovina bring with them tropical temperatures of up to 40″C. We will take you on the road to Kravice waterfalls a sightseeing tour by car to the hill Hum – the big cross hill above Mostars valley with a unique view of the city and the far river flow of Neretva, cool down in the shades of the riverbank Trebižat, relax, take a swim or dive from the cliffs of the 10 meters high waterfall. Let the waterfall clear your body and mind.

Kravice Waterfall

The Kravice waterfall is located on the Trebizat river, 40km south of Mostar. It is 28 meters high and separated into 20 falls, with the lake below being about 120 meters in radius. Embedded in a beautiful forest landscape you can admire thunderous waterfalls.

DepartFrom Mostar
Duration7 h