Herzegovina tour III

This tour provides exploring the sacred city of Medjugorje and visiting the archeological museum of Humac and the Church of St. Elijah in Tihaljina. Ideal tour for pilgrimages; discovering Herzegovina’s most beautiful catholic places with a touch of history.

Medjugorje – the site of the appearance of Our Lady. After 1981 Meuđgorje becomes the most famous and most visited place of pilgrimage and a shrine in this part of Europe. This place was visited by millions of pilgrims from the whole world.

In the village of Bijakovići, in the place, Podbrdo since 24 June 1981, a group of children from Međugorje Our Lady has appeared every day. Since then Meuđgorje is a unique phenomenon. Medjugorje has situated only 29 km from Mostar.

The Franciscan Monastery of St. Ante Padovan on Humac is the oldest museum in BiH, founded in 1884. Here is also the Humačka ploča(Humac plate) from XII. century, the oldest preserved monument is written in Croatian (a mixture of Glagolitic and Old Croatian Cyrillic also called bosančica) on the territory of today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hercegovačka tura III

– Međugorje
– Humac
– Tihaljina

*depart from Mostar, duration 7 h

DepartFrom Mostar
Duration6 h