Herzegovina tour I

Discover Herzegovina’s natural and historical treasures with a professional guide, comfortable transport, and the best local food. After sightseeing all of the cultural and historical monuments in Mostar and Blagaj, you will be able to relax at the most beautiful waterfalls in Herzegovina.

Follow in the footsteps of the Ottomans and take a journey through time. From authentic Turkish houses to open mosques and craft shops in the Old Town of Kujundzijuk and of course the magnificent Old Bridge of Mostar, the wonder of the 16th Century with its two towers Tara and Helena.

Blagaj a small town just a few kilometers away from Mostar will tell you two different stories of fortresses, kings and queens, Turkish houses and beys. It will show you rocks, stones, and clear water, and tell you about death and life and love.

The medieval Blagaj was a part of the fortress Blagaj fort (or Stjepan grad) and on the hill above Blagaj, was the seat of Herzegovinian nobleman, Stjepan Vukčić, and the birthplace of Bosnian queen Katarina Kosača-Kotromanić. But with the arrival of the Ottomans in the 14th century, Blagaj city started to develop itself more. The city had seven mosques, two hostels for travelers, four musafirhana (guest houses), a madrasa (Bosnian: medresa), two maktab, seven mills, and four stone bridges on the river Buna.

The summer months in Herzegovina bring with them tropical temperatures of up to 40″C. We will take you on the road to Kravice waterfalls and a sightseeing tour by car to the hill Hum – the big cross hill above Mostars valley with a unique view of the city and the far river flow of Neretva, cool down in the shades of the riverbank Trebižat, relax, take a swim or dive from the cliffs of the 10 meters high waterfall. Let the waterfall clear your body and mind.

Herzegovina tour I

– Mostar Old Town
– Blagaj, Počitelj
– Kravice Waterfalls

*depart from Mostar, duration 7 h

DepartFrom Mostar
Duration7 h